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  • Sami Cattach

What EVERY woman needs to know about Pelvic Floor Health

Just recently I had the opportunity to have a booth and do a presentation at the Utopia Women's Wellness event in Brisbane.

Body & Birth Booth

It was a really fun day where I got to meet lots of new people from Brisbane (and all over Queensland) and continue raising awareness about women's pelvic health.

In case you couldn't make it to the event (because you happen to live in Canada or some such far-away location), I'd like to share my talk with you on Youtube Pelvic Floor Essentials - What Every Woman Needs to Know About Their Pelvic Floor! Topics covered include:

  • What is your pelvic floor?

  • What do your pelvic floor muscles do?

  • Common Pelvic Floor Issues

  • Why Kegels or Pelvic Floor Exercises may not be the answer to all your pelvic floor issues

  • Natural Movement and Squatting for Pelvic Health

(If you are scared of the word "vagina", then this video may not be for you)

If you haven't already joined the BABE (Body And Birth Email) list and are interested in learning more about the WHYs and HOW-TOs of squatting and everything pelvic floor-related, be sure to sign up in order to receive your exclusive video today!

If you have any burning questions or suggestions for future posts/videos, please let me know!

Sami and Katrina at Utopia

Thanks to my good friend and

"booth-BABE" Katrina for all her help on the day!

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