At Body and Birth helping you get back to the activities you enjoy, with the people you love without pain, fear, or stress is our number one goal.  Our physios have extensive experience treating and educating on Diastasis Recti, helping you restore abdominal closure and function, and feel confident in your body, so you can just enjoy playing with your bub. 



Diastasis Recti is the separation of the abdominal muscles via stretching or thinning of the connective tissue in the midline of the tummy (Linea Alba). While this is very normal to occur during pregnancy to allow for a growing baby, it is when the muscles remain apart after your bub is born that this can become a concern. However, it is not solely associated with pregnancy, women who have not had children and even men can be diagnosed with Diastasis Recti, with poor alignment, tight hip and shoulder muscles, and improper exercise choices being contributing factors.



  • Ongoing softness and protrusion of the abdomen

  • Visible coning or tenting of the midline of the tummy when you get out of bed, or recline into a couch

  • Your Pelvic Floor isn't doing its job (like not controlling bladder leakage for example)

  • A feeling of weakness in the abdominal area

  • Lower back and pelvic pain


If you're feeling any of these symptoms or you're unsure of something, especially post-baby, we highly recommend you come see us and get your pelvic floor and core assessed by one of our qualified women's health physios.

Pregnant Belly
Normal Abdominal Region

Normal Abdominal anatomy.

Abdominal Region Showing Diastasis Recti

Abdominals with widened connective tissue.


The Whole-Body Approach: At Body and Birth we don't just look at the acute problem, we look at the bigger picture of the whole body for long-term results.


Dedicated: All of our private consults are 60 minutes in length, so you will never feel rushed. 


Convenient: Inner-city location with on-site parking and easy communication via website, email, Facebook, or phone. We also have HICAPS available for immediate health fund benefits.


Trusted: Women come from all corners of Australia to see our experienced physios, who are all AHPRA registered and accredited. 



We understand every woman, every pregnancy, and every situation is different, so we custom tailor your treatment and education plan to suit your needs and goals. While some significant cases of Diastasis Recti may require surgical intervention for complete resolution, conservative management is often the best way to start and achieve best long term outcomes. You can expect:


  • Detailed history taking and understanding your current concerns.

  • Education regarding your condition and how the core abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles work.

  • Alignment and movement assessment.

  • Assessment of abdominal muscles and core function.

  • Education and guidance to achieve good daily movement habits and lifting techniques.

  • A pelvic exam if required (and only if you are comfortable).

  • Hands-on treatment as needed.

  • A guided exercise program to help you restore closure and function to the abdominal muscles, plus whole body mobility, strength, and function.


You'll receive a custom-tailored plan designed to help you achieve your goals, complete with at home exercises that are easy to understand and follow. 


We want you to feel empowered and confident in your body.


Book in with us today, bubs welcome!


Initial Consult $180 | Follow Up $140 

Diastasis Recti - Abdominal Separation

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