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Pregnancy is a time of significant physical change to the body. Increased load and strain are placed on the body as a result of your growing baby, increased circulating blood and fluid volume, postural and hormonal changes. 

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These changes can contribute to DRAM (abdominal muscle separation), development of back, pelvic joint, hip, tailbone and rib pain. In addition, changes to pelvic floor muscle function, such as difficulty with bladder and bowel control, constipation, prolapse and pain with intercourse are also common.


At Body & Birth, we strongly recommend a pre-conception and/or first trimester antenatal appointment to help optimise support and reduce strain on the body during pregnancy and help you manage any problems that arise early in your pregnancy journey.


As part of our pre-conception and pregnancy care, we provide:

  • Education on pregnancy related physical and hormonal changes

  • Discussion around your individual factors that may contribute to increased risk of pelvic floor dysfunction during pregnancy and following delivery

  • Education on healthy bladder and bowel function 

  • Postural and pelvic alignment assessment and optimisation

  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment/management

  • Abdominal muscle function and DRAM assessment/management

  • Education on perineal massage

  • Management of any pregnancy related aches and pains

  • Advice on physical activity recommendations during pregnancy

  • Labour and delivery preparation

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