Back, Pelvic, & Tailbone Pain

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Sore back, hips, tailbone, or pelvis during or after pregnancy? Looking for relief? We've got you covered.


There are many different options and treatments that our experienced women's health physios can employ to help relieve your aching body. Set your mind at ease and let us manage your care and put together a treatment plan to help you feel pain-free going forward.



Pain in your hips, back, or pelvic area during pregnancy is different for every mama and can range from a dull ache, occasional sharp pain or muscle tightness, to a very significant pain that can limit even the most basic of daily movements. In most cases, this can be resolved or relieved without continuing to get worse as your baby gets bigger. Often, this pain is a result of pregnancy hormones making everything a bit more stretchy (especially around the pelvis), and the slowly increasing load of your growing baby. 


This pain is not something you just need to put up with. If you're feeling any of these symptoms or you're unsure of something, especially during pregnancy or post-baby, we highly recommend you come see us and get your pelvis, alignment, pelvic floor and core function assessed by one of our qualified women's health physios and get the relief you need.

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We understand every woman, every pregnancy, and every situation is different, so we custom tailor your treatment and education plan to suit your needs and goals. You can expect:


  • Detailed history taking and understanding your current concerns.

  • Education regarding your condition and how the core and pelvic floor muscles work.

  • Alignment and movement assessment.

  • A pelvic exam (external and possibly internal as required).

  • Assessment of abdominal muscles and core function.

  • Hands-on treatment to relieve muscle tension, pain and restore smooth movement to your pelvis.

  • A guided exercise program to help you become pain-free while restoring mobility, strength, and function


You'll receive a custom-tailored plan designed to help you achieve your goals, complete with at home exercises that are easy to understand and follow. 


Following your initial assessment, you'll also receive a follow-up contact from your physio to see how you're going and if you have any questions.



The Whole-Body Approach: At Body and Birth we don't just look at the acute problem, we look at the bigger picture of the whole body for long-term results.


Dedicated: All of our private consults are 60 minutes in length, so you will never feel rushed. 


Convenient: Inner-city location with on-site parking and easy communication via website, email, Facebook, or phone. We also have HICAPS available for immediate health fund benefits.


Trusted: Women come from all corners of Australia to see our experienced physios, who are all AHPRA registered and accredited. 


Bubs Always Welcome: At our studio that feels more like a home than a clinic, you can bring your bub(s). 


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Initial Consult $180 | Follow Up $140