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At B&B, we realise that it is essential to look at the bigger picture (the whole body) for pregnancy health and long term resolution or prevention of pelvic floor dysfunction. Not only treating the acute condition, but educating about alignment, how to stand, walk, squat and move more naturally so you can continue to be pain and dysfunction free with confidence in your body long after your treatment.


Our women's health and pregnancy physiotherapists treat and educate women of all ages and walks of life, your health is our main concern the minute you walk through our door. Click on the images below to learn more about specific conditions and treatments. If you have any questions please get in contact!


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The B&B Approach - "Whole-Body Pelvic Floors"


Our approach is not your traditional style of treatment. With our unique experience and training our ladies bring a whole-body perspective to any pelvic health or musculoskeletal condition for long-lasting results.


Most of the conditions listed above  are not actually the 'problem', rather they are the symptom of a imbalance of muscles or forces within the whole body. 


The pelvic floor muscles (or any muscle in the body for that matter) do not work in isolation, but act as just one part of the whole system that is your human machine. This is why just doing pelvic floor exercises or 'Kegels' may not provide complete resolution to your pelvic floor issues, and why 'core strengthening' exercises may not actually give you a stronger tummy or close a diastasis.


At B&B, we realise that it is essential to look at the bigger picture (the whole body) for a long term resolution to these ailments. 


Each hour-long, one-on-one consultation involves a whole-body biomechanical and pelvic floor assessment, hands on treatment, education and exercises tailored to your individual needs and goals.


 You will never be left alone on a machine or left to do exercises in the gym without guidance or supervision, we understand your time is valuable.


Initial Consult $180 | Follow Up $140 I Breastfeeding Support $100