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Pregnancy and childbirth create significant emotional and physical change on our bodies.

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While the main focus in the postpartum days is often about caring for your newborn, the pelvic floor and core often need some specific attention and guidance to return to their best function and prevent possible long-term issues (prolapse, urinary incontinence, persistent DRAM (abdominal muscle separation), low back and pelvic joint pain).  


Our Body & Birth Physiotherapists can help you restore strength and mobility to your body and optimise your pelvic floor function for long-term health and help you get back to your physical activity goals.


What are common issues experienced by postnatal mums?

  • Discomfort, pressure, heaviness or a bulge/lump at the vagina

  • Weakness in the core, loss of abdominal support or DRAM 

  • Wound discomfort- perineal or caesarean

  • Ongoing or new onset low back, pelvic, hip or tailbone pain 

  • Upper back, neck and shoulder pain from repetitive baby cares such as breastfeeding

  • Changes to bladder control - urinary incontinence or difficulty feeling an urge to go or emptying your bladder completely

  • Changes to bowel control- urgency, constipation, faecal or flatal incontinence

  • Painful or uncomfortable sex

  • Mastitis, breast engorgement, blocked ducts

What does a postnatal consult involve?

  • A detailed history of your pregnancy and delivery mode and any concerns you are currently experiencing

  • Physical assessment including advice on optimal alignment for baby cares

  • Assessment of abdominal separation (DRAM) and progressive exercises to safely restore core strength and function

  • Pelvic floor assessment and tailored program to optimise function

  • Return to sport assessment including higher level tests for women wanting to return to high impact physical activity (eg. HIIT, running) to facilitate safe resumption of these activities

Are you experiencing these symptoms?

If you are experiencing any symptoms of concern following your delivery or would like reassurance regarding your core and pelvic floor function and readiness to return to physical activity, book in with us now. We recommend a 5-6 week postnatal review.

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