Postnatal Pilates Classes

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Postnatal Pilates (Online)
Online classes are a popular option for busy Mums in Brisbane. It can be challenging leaving home to get to/from a class with a newborn, so let us come to your living room online!

What you need to know:

  • Classes will run in 4-week blocks on Wednesdays from 1100-1145am

  • Classes are online (via Microsoft Teams)

  • Classes are run by an experienced Women's Health Physiotherapist who has training in Clinical Pilates, therefore classes are eligible for private health rebates. 

  • Classes are interactive and with a maximum of 6 participants, our Physiotherapist will modify exercises to suit each individual. If you have baby with you, exercises will be adapted to include baby.

  • A home exercise program will be emailed to you at the end of each class.

  • Bookings are via reception only. Please call 0460 331459 to book. 

Before attending a class:

  • You will require a postnatal check by one of our Physiotherapists.

  • If you are an existing patient and have had a postnatal check this is all you need. Please notify reception at the time of booking if this is the case.


  • For existing patients who have not had a postnatal check or new patients to the practice, please book in for an in-person or Telehealth postnatal check with reception prior to attending the class. 



$120- For a block of 4 weekly classes for patients who have already had a Body & Birth postnatal check

$250 - For patients who are yet to book a postnatal check. This is a bundled price and includes a post-natal check + 4-week class block.


Please call 0460 331459 to BOOK.

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  • Regular postnatal exercise will help you regain your pre-pregnancy strength and cardiovascular fitness. This is fundamental in helping you reach your postnatal exercise goals, whether that be returning to Reformer Pilates, Yoga, Swimming, Cycling, fitness classes at the Gym or Running.

  • Regular exercise has been shown to help decrease the risk of post-natal depression.

  • Exercise helps release endorphins- the "feel good hormone" our body naturally produces, elevating our mood and helping us manage tiredness that is so common in the postnatal period.

  • The increasing weight of your baby and repetitive nature of baby cares such as breastfeeding/bottle feeding, changing nappies, baby carrying, bathing baby, handling baby equipment (capsules, strollers), lifting baby out of the bassinet/cot or into/out of the car seat, all place strain on your body, which, over time can lead to aches and pains. Our classes will target the strength and flexibility in the muscles you need to support you through these activities.

  • Our classes are individualised- our pre-class postnatal checks ensure that we understand any areas that require particular focus for you and enable us to tailor exercises to your current level of function.

  • As there are a number of patients attending the class, the class is interactive and social and is a great way to meet new mums and make new friends.