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Body & Birth offers Labour and Delivery preparation appointments at 36-37 weeks of gestation.


These are designed to help increase your understanding of the different phases of labour and pain relief options during labour in addition to advice on how to maximise your comfort in the early postnatal period following vaginal or caesarean delivery. 

Your partner/support person is welcome to attend these appointments. Depending on the type of delivery you are planning, these sessions may include aspects of all of some of the following:  


  • Active birthing positions

  • Breathing techniques

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Massage and sacral compressions for pain relief

  • Obstetric TENS for pain relief (available to hire for $60 for 6-weeks) during labour

  • Movement and optimisation of comfort immediately following a vaginal or caesarean birth

  • Breastfeeding posture 

  • Early postnatal stretching and core stability program

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