Private Consults

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 Our centrally-located studio in Paddington  welcomes babies too!

 Initial Assessment and Treatment $180  
 60 mins

 Long Subsequent Visit $140
 45-60 mins

 Short Subsequent Visit $100
 30 mins

 All visits are eligible for private health  insurance rebates under physiotherapy. 
 We are also happy to accept EPC patients -  allows for some Medicare rebate for a  chronic condition. Talk to your family doctor  to see if this may be applicable for you.

Home Visits!
Home Visits are a popular option for busy Mums in Brisbane.
Home Visits Initial $250
50-60mins - within 10 KM of Paddington
Home Visits Follow Up $210

These appointments are available for booking as a 90 minute appointment to encompass travel time for our clinicians. To ensure we have enough time to get to/from your house (as this depends on the time of day), please contact our reception staff to discuss these bookings.
All visits are eligible for private health insurance rebates. Anything over 10KM is assessed on an individual basis.
We are also happy to accept EPC patients.
Providing physiotherapy home visits at your convenience
Online physiotherapy and restorative exercise consultations available.
Online Consultations
We are very happy to be able to offer online Skype/Facetime sessions for women who live further away! 
Initial Assessment and Treatment $180
60 mins

Long Subsequent Visit $140
45-60 mins
Short Subsequent Visit $100
30 mins
 While this type of consultation does have its limitations (i.e. no hands-on assessment or treatment), we can still provide essential education and a tailored exercise program based on observation and your history to get you started on the road to recovery. 
Sessions are eligible for private health insurance rebates under Physiotherapy.
  • Detailed history taking

  • Movement and alignment assessment

  • Pelvic exam (external and possibly internal as required)

  • Assessment of abdominal muscles and core function

  • Muscle strength/length assessment

  • Breathing assessment

  • Explanation of assessment and any treatments

  • Education regarding assessment findings and management

  • Education and insight into the skills you need to   heal your own body

  • Education on pain, bladder and bowel function

  • Goal setting to continue working toward what YOU want to achieve

  • Home exercises to restore posture, mobility,  strength and function

  • Breathing and relaxation exercises

  • Hands-on manual therapy 

  • Advice of safe return to physical activity

  • Ongoing compassion and support

Follow-up consultations can vary from once per week, to 1-2 times per month, depending on the circumstances. This will be discussed with you on your first visit and will be re-evaluated at each session.