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Travel Tips for You and Your Pelvis!

Sami Stretching at the Airport

Traveling is one of life's greatest gifts! Its amazing meeting new people, exploring new cultures, and sampling fun new cuisine - but getting there can be a pain in the butt and/or pelvis, especially when you're pregnant (I got great use out of my balls - of the muscle-releasing kind - and travel roller!). I recently returned from a quick, but amazing, trip to Spain for a good friend's wedding and managed to survive the long haul (26 hours travel time!) from Barcelona to Brisbane at 19 weeks pregnant.

It was a great reminder that Australia is pretty much as far as you can get from Europe (and almost everywhere else on the planet). I also learned a few great pregnancy specific things along the way:

  • Skip the line! Many airlines will allow you and your family to use the priority/first class lines when boarding during pregnancy! So take advantage of that, skip the long line and get comfortable!

  • Breaking up long flights is a great idea - our trip from Brisbane to Barcelona was broken up into 3 separate 7-hour legs, affording us the ability to get off the plane and walk around, do some stretching, rolling, and hydrating! Much needed especially when bub is getting heavy and your pelvis, tailbone, or butt is getting sore.

  • Bring a letter stating how far along you are and your ability to fly from your doctor, midwife, or OB if you're in your second trimester or later, sometimes airlines will need this in order to let you on board.

  • Be sure to get advice from your health care provider before travelling, and some specific compression garments for your legs to reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) which has a higher incidence during pregnancy.

  • Use your partner as a pillow, you're carrying a baby, they owe you one!

In addition to what I've listed above I'm excited to share a guest blog by Cherelle from Barefoot Physiotherapy that includes some more great tips for traveling, thanks Cherelle!


It’s so exciting heading away for a holiday, seeing new sights, experiencing new things & travelling all over the globe! Often, packing can seem daunting your departure date is fast approaching and it’s time to pack.

1) Always pack a Towel/Blanket/Sarong.

  • Use a blanket/towel/sarong to lay on the ground in between transit

  • Use it as a blanket on the plane if the air con is too cold

  • Roll it up to support your back or neck on the plane/train/bus

  • Need a table cloth or picnic rug on your holidays..?

  • If you forget your towel, use the sarong!

  • Visiting a church in Europe in the middle of summer but you need to cover up your shoulders or legs? …use the sarong!

  • Use it as a scarf to stay warm at night

  • Tie it to trees to make a shade cloth or use it as a windscreen shade if you are driving a car

2) Always pack your releasing ball or bakballs

When you think about it, often our holidays are spent travelling from one destination to the next and sleeping in strange beds! Queuing up to see the sights and even travelling on uncomfortable busses or taxis. You are on your feet for most of the day, walking around to take in all the sights, or find your next delicious food location! It’s important to do your releases while you are away, to make sure your body remains pain free.

Use a release ball to massage your tired legs & muscles! This doesn’t have to be something that you do instead of having fun, do it while on the plane, or during down time in your hotel.

  • On the plane, walk up to the end and lean on the ball against the walls. Do your shoulders, neck, back and glutes. Staying active on the plane is a good way to get the blood pumping!

  • Sitting in your plane/train/bus/car seat you can place the ball under your thigh to massage your hamstrings & under your foot to massage the plantarfascia.

  • For more ideas, see this link:

3) Bring a sturdy bag: Backpack, Roll up bag or Tote & a small shoulder bag!

Heavy one shoulder bags are a recipe for a stiff neck. Minimise what you carry if you can and even out the load. By taking a roll up bag you are also helping the environment instead of using plastic bags.

  • Use it as a grocery bag (when you are getting things on the way home after a long day out and about)

  • Use it as a beach bag for towels, suncream etc

Buying unexpected souvenirs? Put them in your compact bag

4) You can never have enough power . . . bring a power board!

  • It can be such a pain having to pack multiple adapters to charge all your electronics. Bringing a power board is a great way to charge all your devices at once, and only use one power point & adapter!

5) Bring a pegless line & washing powder

  • Whether you are camping, in a hostel or in a hotel – hang your pegless line between two trees, between bunk beds or in the bathroom and dry those freshly washed socks & jocks! Saves plugging coins into the dryer and you sitting around the machine making sure no-one steals your stuff!

  • Pack washing powder if you can. This often can be hard to find in hotels and ask for in a foreign language. This is a good option for when you are tight on time and want to wash a few items in your hotel sink.

Prepare for the weather and save space! Use travel space bags

  • Often on trips you may face a mix of hot and cold weather. We’ve all been there when your suitcase is bulging and you still have larger items to pack. We suggest using a “Travel Space Bag” to cut down on space in your suitcase, not to mention they give you a great arm workout.

Wherever you may be off to, it’s important that you keep healthy and prepared for your travels, and have fun!

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