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Release The Belly! #BeBrave

Recently I shared a post on Instagram and Facebook that got such an amazing response, I just wanted to share it here too in case you didn't see it.

I think it is such an important message, and although I touch on the topic in my eBook, there is so much left unsaid about the emotional and psychological challenges of letting go of your abdominal tension.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and for spreading the word on 'letting it go' and self-love by sharing it with their friends, family, colleagues and patients.

Here is my belly and the original post :)


And no this is not a picture of my pregnant belly ;)

I've always been rather self-conscious of my body and especially my tummy since I was in primary. Hence, 'sucking in' my stomach is one of my biggest habits that I have been working on over the last 2 years.

Tensing your stomach all day long creates a myriad of internal physical forces that wreak havoc on your digestive, reproductive and muscular functions (hello weak core, tight pelvic floor, painful periods, back pain, constipation, hernias, diastasis recti AND prolapse!). However, it is a really difficult thing for a LOT of people to let go of, men included, whether it is due to a perceived body image or habit.

I was at the point where I'd find my self sucking in ALL THE TIME, even when I was just in the car by myself, not to mention when with friends, in front of my partner, in a form-fitting dress, and ESPECIALLY at the beach. Sucking in does NOT give you a stronger core or deal with the issue at hand, it just hides it. For me, this was abdominal bloating (hurrah I'm now finally sorting out what foods my body actually likes), an addiction to sugar (this is still a work in progress..) and lack of self confidence.

Although I still actually had to look away from the camera to avoid the reflexive tightening of my tummy that I've been unknowingly practicing for 20+ years 😉, this is me now, practicing releasing ALL my abdominal tension in my bikini, on a public beach, and in front of my man (who has been AMAZING in helping me learn how to be okay with my tummy)!


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