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A Dedication to Motherhood - Happy Mother's Day!

Sami and her Mum

(My Mother and I, isn't she the cutest?)

The Best Days

As women's health and pregnancy physiotherapists we have the great privilege of working with Mamas, Mums, Mothers, Momma's (however you pronounce or spell this wherever you're from!) throughout the majority of our days. Whether its prenatal education and labour and delivery prep, resolving pain or stress during pregnancy, or helping new mums (we're in Australia here!) work through the physical challenges the body can experience during early motherhood, it is what I love the most about my career as a women's health physio. In fact, some of my favourite days are those when beaming mums bring in their new bubs during treatment or a class. When they do I am blessed with the opportunity to spend a little time with them and see the love that is so readily tangible between mother and baby!

These appointments are always the most fun, and sometimes the most hectic. I have a stash of toys in my treatment room to keep the little bubs entertained while mum and I sort out the finer points of women's health, though very often we end up multi-tasking - breastfeeding and treating at the same time! I often reflect on how this is just a quick window into what it must be like to be a new mum (an adventure I'd love to embark on sometime soon), and get a glimpse of the joys, challenges, and heartfelt moments they must share with their families.

A Dedication to Motherhood

Which brings me to the purpose of this quick blog post - An ode to motherhood, an open thank you letter to moms everywhere in time for Mother's Day. To my own Mama - it can't have been easy supporting a pair of energetic, opinionated (you may have yourself to blame here), and stubborn girls - but your undying support, patience, love, insights, lessons, and thoughtfulness, (did I mention patience?) has helped mould me to be the woman I am today. Through the trips to various sports and music lessons at all hours of the morning and night, the crying over boys, the highs and lows of growing up as an awkward teenager, you were always there for me - and you still are today.

And as I thank my mother, I'd like to thank mothers the world over for all they've done and all they will do for their daughters and sons. What we witness and thank you for is probably not even a tenth of what you truly give.

The Body and Birth Vision

We are now on the cusp of some new adventures for our little practice, and almost 2 years since we started B&B and wrote our vision - but today I'd like to share it with you as well, so you know what you Mamas mean to us:

"OUR GOAL is to be the number one provider of quality physiotherapy education and care for women before, during and after pregnancy - worldwide. We want to empower every woman to be able to live without pain, fear of embarrassment, or worry about their pelvic health. We will do this by providing access to information, treatment, and education to help them live well, move better and make informed decisions for their pregnancies and beyond. Mums are truly amazing and we believe that happy, healthy mums allow for happy, healthy families and a brighter future. Here’s to changing the world and the landscape of women's health physiotherapy, one pelvic floor at a time."

We do our best to show appreciation and understand mums and their needs, so know that you and your baby are always welcome! And if you're reading this, be sure to take some time out of your day and make your mother feel special. Not only on Mother's Day, but any day - because that love will always be appreciated.

Happy Mother's Day! And thank you to Mums everywhere!

50% Off Prenatal BABEs Program

Prenatal BABEs Mothers Day Sale:

We don't often discount our products or services, but for expecting mums and future mums-to-be on their special day we're happy to offer a 50% discount on our Prenatal BABEs Program until the Sunday following Mother's Day (May 21st).

Designed to help guide expecting mothers through pregnancy, prepare them for birth, and help them to a smooth postpartum recovery - The Prenatal BABEs is ideal for the expecting mum in your life.

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