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These are resources, products and other service providers the we love and trust and are very happy to recommend to you!

Online Resources:

Nutritious Movement
Nutritious Movement
Katy Bowman
Katy Bowman is a biomechanist, author, mother, and in her own words, a 'total body nerd'. Nutritious Movement is her website which offers a HUGE amount of free information in the form of blogs, podcasts and videos for all topics movement-related. There are also books, alignment snacks ($5 downloadable 20min exercise sessions), and further courses for more in-depth learning.
Our favourite Blogs: 
All of them
Everything pelvic floor/core/pregnancy related - you can use the search function to find what you are looking for.
Our favourite Podcasts
The Core (Ep. 10), Diastasis Recti (Ep. 11), The Boob Show (Ep. 14), Thoughts on Incontinence (Ep. 34), Diastasis Recti - The Book (Ep. 35), Movement, Period (Ep. 50), Babies and Movement (Ep. 51 and 52), All of them...
Our favourite books: 
(We stock copies of these at our studio - also available as eBook/Audiobooks)
Our favourite videos:
Since pursuing my certification as a Restorative Exercise Specialist, this new knowledge has completely revolutionised my personal and professional life and inspired my whole-body approach to treatment. 
To Pregnancy and Beyond! & JMG Fitness Consulting
Jessie Mundell

Jessie Mundell is a friend of mine based in Calgary, Canada and is the owner of JMG Fitness Consulting, a company dedicated to coaching women to improved health. She has worked with hundreds of women during and after their pregnancies and is extremely passionate about giving them the care they need. 


She has such a nurturing approach to fitness during pregnancy and aims to steer the conversation away from the “pre and post-baby body” madness and into a place where women feel supported, encouraged, strong, and confident. Through in-person coaching and online training, she teaches women how to exercise safely and strongly in pregnancy, and how to regain their core, confidence, and fitness as mums. 


As such, I thought she was just the perfect person to interview for one of the bonus modules of our Prenatal BABEs course where we discuss all things exercise in pregnancy. You can learn more about Jessie and read her awesome blogs on everything pregnancy, exercise, nutrition and C-section recovery on her website:


If you are looking for a safe, effective exercise program and nutrition education during and after pregnancy, I highly recommend her program, To Pregnancy and Beyond . 


If you are a fitness professional, she also has also recently launched an online coaching program on how to work with women around pregnancy:


Plus you can find her on Facebook and Instagram @Jessiemundell

Local Practitioners in Brisbane

Pivot Osteopathy - Paddington
Sarah Dryburgh

Sarah is the owner of Pivot Osteopathy and an Osteopath with a passion for back and pelvic health. She completed her training in New Zealand, graduating with a Masters with Honours in Osteopathic Medicine and promptly moved to Brisbane seeking warm weather and sunshine and now practices out of the same location as B&B Physio!


Sarah believes that rehabilitation should be as fun and as easy as possible. She has a professional, yet relaxed approach, placing an emphasis on education and self-management strategies. Her focus on education extends beyond the treatment room, as Sarah delivers talks to companies as part of their health and wellness programmes.


As an Osteopath, Sarah appreciates that the whole body is interconnected, which means that she will not only treat the area of pain, but will address the body as a whole. Her treatment style is gentle, but direct. She uses a variety of techniques including soft tissue massage, mobilisation, stretching, manipulation and myofascial release; tailoring each treatment to the individual.



You can learn more about Sarah and her practice or book an appointment online at

Australian Birth Trauma Association

Christine has created a wonderful community of Mamas who love to exercise safely and well in Brisbane.


Get fit and make new friends with group classes and personal training designed with your pelvic floor in mind. A variety of class types and times provides the opportunity for you to return to exercise after baby (or at any stage) progressively and safely building the foundations for good health that will support you throughout your motherhood journey. Go Mum! also stocks Cadenshae breastfeeding active wear and SRC Pregnancy and Recovery shorts to keep you moving in comfort.  

I happily recommend Christine's classes as safe for my postnatal Mamas.


Find your tribe at the Go Mum! Community

0402 211 927

The Daily Massage - Paddington
Peter Crees and Michelle Ostafew

I continually consider myself very lucky to have found Peter and be able to work out of the wonderful welcoming space he has created. Peter and Michelle are both experienced massage therapists whom I would highly recommend for remedial and therapeutic massage.



You can learn more about the practice or book an appointment online at

Yogababy - Brisbane North/NorthWest
Suzanne Swan

Suzanne has such a wholistic and gentle style of teaching that is perfect for pregnancy and early postpartum. Yogababy also offers Mums and Bubs classes - perfect for meeting other new Mums and being able to take your little one with you!


Yogababy is a specialist prenatal, active birth and postnatal yoga school in Brisbane.  Yoga classes focus on mind/body techniques that create both relaxation and strength.  Private sessions for fertility, pregnancy and birth are also available with Suzanne Swan.  She has a Postgraduate Degree in Psychology, is a Senior Yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, an Advanced Educator with Childbirth and Parenting Education Association (CAPEA) and is a Registered Calmbirth® Practitioner.




P: 1300 769 642

CH logo1.png
CH Hypno.png
Benefiting Birthing and Beyond
Charlotte Hogarth

I am Charlotte and I run Benefiting Birthing and Beyond, I am a mum of 3, a midwife and qualified educator. My courses were built and designed to provide much needed and wanted education to families across Ipswich and Brisbane. My courses are varied and diverse to allow everyone to access information and education appropriate to their circumstances. I offer HypnoBirthing courses, 1 Day Antenatal and Cesarean Workshops, essential oil for pregnancy, birth and beyond workshops, Birth Preparation Appointments and specialised adapted courses for those wanting something special. I offer private and group formats. I am based in Bellbowrie.





P: 0428 799 898

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