Our Women's Health Physiotherapists are here to help you thrive during all stages of your life. We offer evidence- based pre-conception, pregnancy and post-natal care and can also help you with pelvic pain, bladder or bowel issues and preparation and recovery from 

gynaecology surgery.


Located in Paddington, Brisbane, our practice is warm and welcoming and our Physiotherapists empathetic and experienced and here to help you feel pain-free and empowered.
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Meet Your Physios!


Our experienced and compassionate practitioners have all undertaken further training in women's pelvic floor health and pregnancy physiotherapy. They bring a holistic perspective and evidence-based management to any pregnancy or pelvic health condition to help you achieve long-lasting results.


Having educated and treated hundreds of women over the years, we believe in empowering patients with the knowledge and skills to help them thrive during every stage of their lives.


Our pregnancy related services include pre-conception, antenatal and post-natal care. We can help you prepare your body for pregnancy, facilitate a comfortable and active pregnancy, address pelvic floor issues following birth, improve your core muscle function and facilitate safe return to physical activity.


We also offer care for persistent pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, bladder and bowel issues and pre- and post- gynaecology surgery.


Book in with us today to experience the Body & Birth difference.


Our Services


Body and Birth is excited to offer diverse treatment and education options to suit your pregnancy, women's health, and pelvic floor needs!


Our full hour initial consultations include a whole-body biomechanical and pelvic floor assessment, hands-on treatment, education, and exercises tailored to your individual needs and goals.


Are you expecting? Wanting to prepare your body for pregnancy and childbirth, or begin restoring your pelvic floor and core health post baby? Then you're in the right place.


We are also experienced in treating acute pelvic pain during pregnancy, postpartum recovery, abdominal separation, incontinence, breastfeeding mastitis and much more!


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Treatment and Education


With our passion for women's health we treat and educate women of all ages and walks of life - you don't need to be pregnant or have had a baby!


Prenatal - Whether you're currently pregnant or planning to start soon, we offer exercises and education tailored to prepare you for birth, prevent postpartum pelvic floor issues and manage back and pelvic pain.


Postpartum - If you've already had your little bub arrive and you're thinking perhaps something doesn't feel right, or you just want to check up on the current state of your pelvic floor - we can definitely help!  We also treat and educate on many different pregnancy-related conditions such as diastasis recti, incontinence, pain with sex, prolapse among many others.  


At B&B, we realise that it is essential to look at the bigger picture (the whole body) for a long term resolution to these ailments. 



Feel Empowered - Learn and Move


As a Pelvic Health and Pregnancy Physiotherapists, we have consistently seen so many women experiencing pelvic floor issues that could have been prevented or at the very least, minimised and managed much sooner, had the appropriate education and knowledge been available to them.


All of our physios are incredibly passionate about raising awareness about Pelvic Health and loves any opportunities to educate Mums (and Mum-to-be's) and other health professionals.


We regularly post about all things pregnancy, pelvic floor, and women's health on our Facebook and Instagram page!

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