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Looking for nutritious, pelvic-floor and pregnancy-safe, whole-body movement?


Look no further! With local classes in Brisbane and downloadable exercises classes online, we've got you covered.

Natural Movement Workshop
Body & Birth's Sami Cattach has been chosen to host an exclusive "Move Your DNA" workshop on behalf of Nutritious Movement! 10 participants per class. 
November 11 & 12
9am - 5pm both days
More info and enrolment available on the new Nutritious Movement website
Move Your DNA
Online Classes
These 'Alignment Snacks' and educational/mvement videos are bite-sized movement classes addressing different areas of the body. 
Each 20-30min downloadable video is $5 and can be watched as many times as you like. 
Our favourite Snacks are:
  • Frankie says "Release the Psoas"
  • All Fo the Pelvic Flo
  • A Balanced Approach to Hip Strength
  • Can't Get Enough of Shoulders
And of course to get you started on your pelvic floor journey: 
  • Nutritious Movement for a Healthy Pelvis
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