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Claire Oxley

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Meet Claire

Claire Oxley PT


Bowen, Emmett, and Finch Therapist


Claire is very passionate about helping women achieve better health and function through treatment and education.  She shares the fundamental belief that good pelvic health is achievable and essential to quality of life and has been practicing as a physio since 2005.


Claire completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy at Latrobe University in 2004. Whilst at university she had chosen Women’s Health Physiotherapy as her elective placement which sparked an enduring interest in the field. Upon completing her degree Claire spent a year in India where she studied Yoga and Meditation through which she healed an old running injury. When she returned to Australia in 2005 she worked in private practice sports and musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. However, Claire’s transformative time away had opened her mind to different techniques of treatment and a more holistic approach to the body.  Upon moving to Brisbane in 2009 she studied Emmett Technique and Bowen Therapy and began incorporating these muscle release techniques into her practice.  The results were truly amazing.


She then went on to study Finch Therapy which focuses on correcting faulty pelvic and rib alignment and again found these techniques allowed her to help more and more patients heal quickly and effectively. More recently Claire came across Katy Bowman, a biomechanist who focuses on ‘natural whole body movement’. It was around this time Claire gave birth to her first child and she started to implement many lifestyle changes based upon Katy's work. This then led her to meet Sami who she sought out for her own pelvic floor issues.


Being a mum and having experienced some postnatal issues of her own reignited Claire’s passion for helping to educate women, particularly around pelvic health function both pre and post-natal.


Claire's blend of training and experience has transformed her practice to incorporate a unique combination of skills that focus on treating the whole body.


Claire is in the studio and available for appointments on Tuesday and Friday. 


Tuesday 10:00am - 5:00pm

Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm